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Hi, I'm Simon and I am a Graphic Artist and Illustrator. I specialise primarily  in period and modern graphic props for Film & TV, through storytelling, design and a combination of digital and analogue production methods.

I am also an online instructor, here to teach you everything I have learnt (and am still learning) about graphic design for film.

How Can I Help You?

This site is especially for you if:

+ You are an aspiring designer / illustrator looking to build a career in graphic design for film

+ You are a graphic designer / illustrator looking to transition your skills in to graphic design for film

+ You love storytelling through traditional as well as digital production methods

You want to have some serious fun with your work!

Your First Graphic Props Workshop

An Introduction To Graphic Design For Film & TV

+ A key understanding of graphic props and their purpose 

Learn techniques for ageing and degenerating documents
+ Create an optimal portfolio of graphic design for film by creating a series of authentic and story driven graphic props

Looking after your Storytelling Self

Helping you become a better visual storyteller, thinker and maker

+ Developing an effective visual mindset
+ Building your practical prop design skills and awareness
+ Using storytelling and imagination to create a strong emotional

investment in your work for your audience

Designing The Past, Present And Future 

Graphic Prop Design + Illustration with storytelling at it's heart

+ Graphic Prop Design For Film & Television
+ Historical & Contemporary Ephemeral Design For Theatre & Exhibition
+ Graphic Props For Film & Television

Simon Wild

"I really love what I do and I treat every design task and challenge with love and care, so if you think i could be a good fit for your next production or project then I'd love to have a chat with you."

I am also passionate about helping aspiring designers to nurture their talents and build their creative awareness. You can learn more about my mission here

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