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To make great work, empower you to discover your own talents, help you create a deep creative connection  to your work and find visual storytelling success.

Hi, I'm Simon and I am a graphic artist and online instructor. I specialise in graphic design for for film and I also help new and aspiring designers combine their own interests in film and graphic image making to design period and contemporary graphic props for film and television production.

Who is this site for?

If you are looking to develop a brave heart,  a creative mind and a skill set to match and whatever your weapon of choice, be it paper, paint or pixel, then let's take that trip together and start learning. If you love film and you love design, this is for YOU my friend.

I have taught graphic art and illustration to thousands of students and helped them to forge their own creative path.

Florrie Macleod
Graphic Designer

You helped me to progress from needing reassurance, to being able to work confidently and independently. This is something I could not have achieved without your support. Your knowledge of artists and designers was also really helpful as I was always able to gain inspiration from them."

Your amazing support has given me confidence in what I do which is something I never had before. You taught me that it is ok to stand alone and produce work that others are not producing. Being different is a good thing."

Saskia Rowlands

I now focus primarily on teaching graphic design for film so if you are just getting started in graphic art and illustration, a bit of a film lover, or perhaps you want to bring some new skills to your image making, then you are going to fit in just fine here!

Super niche, but super fun!

So how did I get started?
For years I worked as a freelance illustrator, grabbing anything and every bit of work I could! I said yes to everything, simply because I had to in order to keep my design career afloat. I made some great work, (some really awful work) had some amazing experiences and dipped my toes into  all sorts of creative little pools, developing lots
 of useful skills along the way.
Here are a few of my creative endeavours:

+ Published children’s illustrator and author 
(pop up pictures for little heroes journeys with Macmillan Children's Books)

+ Editorial Illustrator
(pictures in print and pixels for the readers of the world including The Radio Times, Orient Express & The Guardian)

+ Theatre Set Designer and Prop Maker
(monster wings, thrones for kings and death defying high wire acts for street theatre and the bricks and mortar kind)

+ Stilt Walker and Global Street Theatre Performer
(larger than life stomping and dancing around Olympic Opening Ceremonies from 9ft up)

+ Motion Graphics Designer and Brand Identity designer for Music Festivals
(Immersive visuals for welly wearing wonderful humans at Latitude, Bestival & The Big Chill) 

+ Filmaker and Animator
(paper cut outs and plasticine adventures for Nickelodeon)

+  Camera Operator & Video Editor 
(Shooting and rearranging lots of bits of film of people doing fun things for director's movies for ITV & Anglia TV)

+ Lecturer in Illustration & Graphic Design
(present - filling teenagers heads with creative possibilities - aka Trying to re-organise a library after an earthquake)

+ Supporting Artist for Film and Television
(present - pestering my hero Steven Spielberg or upstaging Simon Pegg or over acting in front of a twenty feet of green screen

I realised that storytelling was a HUGE part of my creative career. But there was something else I kept hidden away and I kept ignoring. I was OBSESSED with films and I realised it was about time I acknowledged this passion, focussed
my skills and put them to use. 
 I followed my passion for film and began creating graphic film props that could be part of a story. I started combining visual storytelling and image making and realised I was loving this creative process more than any other I have experienced.
I taught myself and I transitioned my design skills so that I could eventually create
convincing and authentic graphic props.

So what exactly are graphic props?

Graphic props make up anything that need to be designed for a scene in a film or television production.  A logo, a package design, a billboard, a matchbox. They can be decorative or they can be markers for our film's hero, often signposts that outline the next phase of their journey.
Graphic props are sometimes talismans, influencing the hero's decision making for better or worse. Whether it’s a sports almanac from the future or a warning message flying onto the windscreen of a runaway bus, graphic props help to shape the hero's understanding of the unfamiliar world they are often plunged into and they can propel the story along for the audience.
Graphic design for film.  JUST AWESOME!

So What Inspires Me To Do This Exactly?

Our history determines who we are now and where we are going. I am fascinated by the graphic ephemera we design and discard and the ways in which we use it to communicate with one another. It tells us so much about our world at any particular time, whether past, present or future.

I spend a lot of time in libraries and archives looking for original sources of interesting ephemera. I have a collection of nearly 2000 type sheets new and old as well a collection of typewriters, cine camera equipment and a cabinet stuffed with all sorts of ephemeral items. 
I love print and typography and I love storytelling, so designing graphic props allows me to blend all of these things through a combination of practical and digital processes and production methods.  I work hard to try and create something that is engaging, functional and authentic.

A little window into my other world

When I am not in the studio though, you can usually find me on a film set as I also work as a supporting artist. I find film sets to be a source of great inspiration (especially the set dressing and prop design) They are amazing places of chaos and harmony, energy and stillness. Come and say hi. I'm the one usually in the deep background dressed as a scientist / alien warrior / New York wizard or 70's protester.
I decided to work as a supporting artist so I could learn more about graphic movie props and get closer to them, be directly involved in the film making process and generally absorb as much knowledge as I can.  And I am so pleased I did. I have learnt so much!

Don't laugh!

Ok, you can laugh a little bit.

So that’s me (complete with ill fitting comedy moustache) pure and simple. No gimmicks, no tricks, just an obsession to teach you all the useful stuff I have learned (and continue to learn) so I can help you become a great graphic artist who can think, make and tell stories in your work with honesty, originality, passion, great ideas and bags of talent.
Life is so full of lessons and the most valuable thing I have discovered about my creative process has been the best lesson of all.  And it only took me most of my life to learn it:
"The only real way you can learn if you truly love doing something is if you catch yourself doing it, over and over, even if no one has been paying attention."

So, what about You?

 Is there a visual story inside you full of pictures and colour and wonder waiting to be told? If the answer is yes then it’s time to get started. It's time for you to discover it and share it with the world. And and I want to help you
make that happen.
If you are interested in discovering the amazing and creatively energising world of graphic design for film, I have just the thing for you. I have created a 10 step guide to creating graphic props for film and television which takes you through every step I use so you can get started designing your own graphic props.
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Simon Wild
"I really really love what I do and I treat every design task and challenge with love and care, so if you think I could be a good fit for your next production or project then I'd love to have a chat with you. Get in touch!"

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