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How To
 Graphics For Film & Television?
Equip yourself in this beginner course with the skills and the know-how to get yourself started as a graphic prop designer so you can enter the world of graphic design for film and television.
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What if you could combine your love of graphic image making ​and film together to create A DREAM JOB?

The good news is you can, as a graphic artist. The graphic artist is responsible for designing all the graphics that feature in a film or television production, ranging from a billboard hoarding to a box of matches and everything in between!

In Your First Graphic Design For Film Workshop I will introduce you to the research methods, practical skills and design principles you need to start working as a graphic designer for film and tv.

There has never been a better time to get into graphic design for film & tv.

And wouldn't it be great to design stuff that's a bit more 'HANDS ON'?

Digital is great. Quick, versatile and efficient. But do you feel sometimes it would be great to have a bit more of a physical connection to your design work?

Designing graphics for film gives you endless opportunities to replicate practical production methods that were commonly used before the job of 'graphic designer' even existed.

Your First Graphic Design For Film Workshop will take you through ​some of these practical techniques.


Your First Graphic Design For Film Workshop is a unique opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge you need to take your design aspirations to the next level.
I will introduce you to the theory, research and practical production methods you need to start designing and creating your first optimal portfolio of graphic props so that you can find work in a film or television art department, or simple apply a different kind of aesthetic to your design work.

The course is currently in development and will be available soon.

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When you sign up you will be added to the list and become one of the first to know when the course goes live! 

'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'

Dorothy - The Wizard Of Oz 1939

Take a moment to imagine YOUR CREATIVE CAREER containing time travel, fictional worlds and

Yes, really! The graphic artist's job on any film or tv production is to imagine and create everything ephemeral associated with particular time periods, imaginary scenes and unique stories.

A graphic artist's work may only be seen on screen for a few seconds, or it may feature heavily throughout the the story moving the plot forward. Either way, working as a graphic designer for film allows you to:

Create Graphic Art with purpose
When you create graphic art for film you are contributing to a much bigger creative process that brings so many people and their talents together. Graphic props are integral for creating authenticity in a scene or story.

Create a strong emotional connection with your work
There is nothing like watching a great character in a great story to make you feel emotionally connected. Graphic designers for film are sometimes required to create 'hero props' which are specifically designed for actors to use. Imagine a character on the big screen interacting with your design work!

Combine your passion of cinema and visual design to craft work that is all about the story
If you are anything like me then you are obsessed with films and in particular, a good story. Graphic design for film allows you to tell great stories on so many levels, from designing props that are integral to the plot, to designing props that dress a scene and have their own history and backstory.

Discover new and exciting ways to combine typography, drawing and the physical making process
You get to be designer, drawer, printer and crafts person all rolled in to one, bringing together digital and physical design processes that replicate key period production methods.

Is this course for YOU?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are an aspiring designer looking to build a design career in the exciting and ever expanding film & tv industry.
You are a recent graphics graduate looking to build on what you know and create a focus and a new direction for your design work.
You love storytelling, vintage graphics and traditional design production methods.
You are passionate about wanting to work in an art department for film and television.

You want to learn some new creative and practical design skills and you want to have some serious fun with your design work!

If you said yes to one (or all) of the above then great.  What are you waiting for! ;)

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'How do you like them apples!'.

Will - Good Will Hunting 1997

What will you LEARN?

The course will be organised in to a series of modules you can learn at your own pace:

+ An understanding of what graphic props are, their function and why stories need them.
+ How to research suitable design movements to give your graphics a 'grounded feel'.
+ Effective visual storytelling  methods in graphic prop design and the art of the graphic prop.
+ When and how to select and execute the right design principles to make graphic props function.
​+ How to choose appropriate materials and techniques for ageing and degenerating documents.
+ How to breakdown a particular scene in a script to produce different prop ideas.
​+ Additional tools, tips and resources to keep you designing long after you have finished the course.
+ Exploring hand made production methods to produce graphics, lettering and logotypes'.


Hi there, I'm Simon Wild and I am a graphic artist and illustrator and I teach new and aspiring designers how to be better storytellers, thinkers and makers.
I transitioned from a ten year career in illustration and a twenty year career in teaching art & design to pursue a lifelong passion in film design.
I now strive to help creative folk transition their skills into graphic design for film and I am focussed on helping them to reach their full potential.


I am on a mission to introduce you to this massively exciting design process and to teach you everything I know about creating great graphic design along the way.

Graphic design for film has almost been hidden in plain sight for a long time, but I want to bring it out into the open and share it with you.

I can't wait to help you and introduce you to a highly creative and rewarding design world.

I am hard at working putting the course together, but while you are waiting, why not sign up to be notified and gain early access when the course becomes open for enrollment.

I'll see you in the course soon!

Sign up to be notified when the course opens for enrolment.

When you sign up you will be added to the list and become one of the first to know when the course goes live! 

'Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one'.

Doc Brown - Back To The Future III 1990

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